The Scents

Blue Ridge Campfire:Inspired by the great outdoors. With notes of pine, hickory, and campfire.

Eucalyptus Sea Salt: The clean relaxing combination of eucalyptus leaves and salty sea air.

Ginger Saffron Vetiver:Fresh spicy ginger and exotic saffron grounded with the light earthiness of vetiver grass. (discontinued)

Grapefruit Sage: The effervescence of grapefruit balanced with earthy notes of sage.

Honey Tonka Bamboo: Beautiful combination of warm honey, rich vanilla, and crisp water soaked bamboo. (discontinued)

Oakmoss Fig Amber: Earthen oakmoss and rich amber lightly sweetened with sun-drenched figs.

Pine Forest Leather: A nostalgic blend of well worn-in leather on a hike through a pine filled forest.

Red Currant Clove: Sweet yet tangy red currant balanced with the warm spice of clove. (discontinued)

Sandalwood Fig Tree: The warm timber of sandalwood paired with the sweet earthiness of fig.

Southern Shore: Earthy aroma of the seashore blended to perfection with hints of beach grass, cedar, and aquatic tones.

Tobacco Black Pepper: Spicy black pepper adds character to the robust fragrance of pipe tobacco with hints of cherry and vanilla.

Virginia Lilac: Straightforward and simple, the lovely smell of flowering lilac on a spring day.

White Tea Rosemary: The aromatic evergreen scent of rosemary softened with white tea and citrus.

Wild Honeysuckle: Sweet blossoming honeysuckle with a touch of jasmine flower.

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