Our Story

Cotton and Wax Candle Co studio


Born out of a desire to break free from his shirt & tie life, Luke Smith began pouring candles in a spare room of the house. With the support of his wife, Mandy, he turned this old fashioned craft into a business. One that would allow him to share the power of scent with the world. Each scent is inspired... inspired by an amazing adventure, a childhood memory, or simply the great outdoors. Scents of a life well lived.
As the business has grown, the goal always stayed the same... craft quality
products with American sourced ingredients that bring joy to other’s
lives. Just as we started, we continue to make each of our products by hand
in small batches. We hand pour, hand mix, hand dip, hand label, and hand
package each and every item out of our Fredericksburg, Virginia production
Cotton and Wax Candle Co donates to dog animal rescue

From the beginning it had to be about more than just creating & selling a product. The love of animals is deeply ingrained in the Smith family so it was only natural to give back to them. Starting with the first candle ever sold, 10% of profits have been
- and always will be - donated to the support of animal rescue.

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